Our Story

The Journey Behind Tutoring & Beyond

Paige & Jordan ~ Tutoring & Beyond



We created Tutoring & Beyond as a way to provide a support system for struggling students in need of educational guidance. Our mission is to assist students in prospering in their academic endeavors.

Throughout our academic journey's, Paige & Jordan, have utilized various tutors to excel our understanding in areas we struggled comprehending at the speed of the class. Building this business is a tribute of our past tutors, teachers & professors who went above & beyond to help us through our difficult times.


During our scholastic climb, Jordan achieved a Bachelor's degree in Finance & Economics from Eastern Washington University & Paige graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English & Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. 


We've come together to help struggling students find a balance in their school life. 


"We are a small family-owned business who found an opportunity to make a difference in our community. We believe our team will deliver above and beyond your expectations."