Welcome to Tutoring & Beyond. We are your child’s ultimate solution for tutoring, child care and sports training. Our team is built around family values and bringing successful, healthy lifestyles to every household.


Tutoring & Beyond started as a branch from the original Tutoring company, Paige To Page Tutoring, created by Paige Neely. She found that there was more to offer to the community than just tutoring which gave Tutoring & Beyond its name. Founded July 1, 2021 by Jordan Allan and Paige Neely, they have created a multi-dimensional service for all families across the Greater Phoenix Valley along with a few surrounding states.


Our Tutoring team consists of college graduates that have extensive teaching experience for students K-12 in all subjects. Our tutors are available: In-Home, Online or out of Our Home Office. Along with K-12 we assist students with College Essays & Applications as well as Academic & Career Advising. 


Our Child Care staff are young professional females who have years of experience looking after children aging from infants (1 month - 12 months), toddlers and young children. Our team encourages to play outside, explore new activities, healthy eating and good habits of growing up. Our staff is capable of picking up your children from school or activities, making meals, light cleaning and much more. 


Our Sport Coaches are fun-filled and excited to work with your child in developing their skills in their sport of choice or strength and conditioning. Every coach has over 5 years of sports experience along with 1+ years of personal training or coaching. We offer Sports Coaching In-Home, at Local Parks, or at of Our Gym.


We look forward to getting to know your family and helping your child grow.


Please contact us at TutoringandBeyondLLC@gmail.com if you’d like to book or have any further questions.

Online Class

Private Tutoring

All Subjects K - 12th Grade

Our private tutoring services provides your student with one-on-one time with our Educational Guardian to help them better understand any subject they're struggling with. Our Tutors will work closely with your student, keeping them engaged in their work while having a great time learning. As we are not "homework helpers" we pride ourselves in guidance techniques that offers each student personalized study techniques, organizational skills and accountable communication. Parents will receive a detailed progress report after each session.

Young Students

Online Tutoring

All Subjects K - 12th Grade

With our online tutoring, your student is able to fully utilize this one-on-one time to gain help from their Educational Guardian. Our Tutors use ZOOM to connect with your student to provide customized lesson plans, homework, and material for your students to use. As we are not "homework helpers" we pride ourselves in the guidance techniques we offer to each student with personalized study techniques, organization and communication. Parents will receive a detailed progress report about their student's improvements and participation.

Helping Tutor


All Subjects K - 12th Grade

With our dedicated tutors, we will create a personalized curriculum around your student's appropriate grade level material. All basic subjects will be covered along with any additional subjects requested. Our homeschooling program will include weekly homework assignments, quizzes and comprehension tests. These sessions can be In-Home, Online or at Our Office. Parents will receive a detailed monthly progress report about their student's improvements and participation.

Jordan Allan

Co-Founder & C.E.O.

Jordan Allan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tutoring and Beyond LLC. Jordan was born and raised in Tri-Cities, Washington and received a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Finance and Economics at Eastern Washington University. His professional background consists of marketing, ice hockey coaching, fitness training and creating small startup businesses. Jordan's mission to create affordable and high-quality services for our clients through academics, coaching and child care. He works to create the widespread knowledge of how we can assist families across the nation by helping to lighten the load for households.

"Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer."

Rick Pitino

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Paige Neely

Founder & C.E.O.

Paige is the founder of Paige To Page Tutoring which expanded into Tutoring & Beyond. She grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and attended the University of Arizona. She has experience in recruiting, sales and personal relations. She works on finding the best staff in every field in order to fulfill the expectations of our clients. Her mission is to create a place where families come together in a healthy way around academics by creating systems for her team to implement for children in order to communicate effectively with their guardians about their academic struggles. 

"Don't be afraid to build your airplane while you're flying it."

Kara Goldin

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