Creative Ways To Enjoy Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is such a meaningful holiday even though it means so many different things to so many different families. There are groups of people that treat Thanksgiving like a family sports day or a family feast day, or a church holiday. Whatever you and your family do on the 3rd Thursday of November is your own thing, but if you are looking to start spicing it up, or create your own family tradition, here are some new ideas you might not have thought of yet:

1. Send Care Packages Or Collect Donation Packages

During a special time to give back, dig through your pantry and medicine cabinets for those BOGO soaps and soup cans you haven’t used. Wrap them up and encourage your friends to do the same. Find your local food pantry or other donation organization lists and give back this year.

2. Brunch

Shake things up and start a Thanksgiving brunch meal instead of dinner. Maybe this will allow your friends and family time to plan other activities that will be better fit for the evening, or offer healthier alternatives to overindulging in a dinner feast.

3. Schedule A Virtual Get Together

Family Zoom calls have become a norm following the Covid-19 pandemic, why not make this a new family tradition? The busiest travel day of the year falls around Thanksgiving weekend, so why not save the travel money and the airport germs and schedule a virtual family get together? This can reach so many more family members and take off so much stress.

4. Host A DIY Turkey Trot

Instead of compiling the calories of a Thanksgiving feast, try hosting your own Turkey Trot with your loved ones. This will be a fun way to stay active and meet new goals that you all can work towards together.

5. Outdoor Family Day

While you already have your at-home meal prepared, plan out some Fall themed arts and crafts, and coordinate a family football game. This will make a great memory for the kids, and keep everyone active and creative until dinner.

6. Serve Pickles At Your Family Dinner Table

An old wives tale says something about pickles being good for digestion with a high carb meal, but really it’s something unique to bring to the table, literally. Passing the pickles will be a great memory and tradition that will spark something new for your family to try.

7. Bake Mini Versions Of Your Favorite Pies

While there’s always room for dessert, baking tiny versions of your favorite desserts can allow everyone to try new flavors and keep their math skills sharp.

8. Game Night

Instead of a group nap following Thanksgiving Dinner, try out some new board or card games with your friends and family. This game night will be better than the rest!

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, so don’t let the stress overwhelm you - instead keep your focus on gratitude. Don’t forget to think about what you are grateful for on that day, in that week, in that month, etc. Maybe you’ll start a new tradition after this. Let us know how it goes. What was your favorite Thanksgiving memory?!

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