Inside Scoop at the Home Office

Written By: Henry Fleischacker

Here’s the inside look from myself as one of the English and History tutors and homeschool teachers. The home office consists of a bedroom-sized expansion attached to the main home. It is customized for the purposes of allowing the students the best opportunity at developing the skills required for courses and individual growth.

Each student has a curriculum that draws on established traditions as well as a personalized customization according to the students likes and dislikes, tastes and experiences, needs and talent, and the passions of the leadership here at Tutoring & Beyond. Some of my students love horses. Some love Sci Fi, while others hate it and prefer Mythical Fantasy. Some love hockey and baseball, while others prefer acts like drawing and video games. I also have passions. And I love to share them, anything from my love of literature to that of chess. This data provides a viable landscape from which we can draw ideas to write about and to study for the purposes of English grammar, vocabulary, essay skills, and reading. It is likewise true for mathematics, science, history, and so forth. The students receive a way of learning that takes their personalities into account.

The environment allows for a close relationship between the student and the course content that they are learning, particularly because the guide can do the same. The homeschool teacher can explore more, and so the student can. The one-on-one experience allows the pupil to get ahead and be challenged in ways otherwise impossible. Materials that are normally reserved for higher grades might be eased into learning at a pace suitable to the students. Additionally, the environment works for students who need to catch up. We work with the students’ circumstances, without any shameful or rude attitude, but rather a matter-of-fact and welcoming hand. The one-on-one experience allows us to focus intently on those qualities which stand out in each child as a respectable human being and an upstanding academic. They are given a space to learn how to become independent thinkers made to uphold high standards of excellence and care.

The community provided for the students is personable. Jordan and Paige are family-oriented and friendly. Often Jordan will be conversing with the parents and students about future goals, or just simply life in general. Paige likes to bake and have prizes for the holidays, everyone’s birthdays, and the like. They have one kid, and another is on the way. Rather than being cold and cooped up in-home, they encounter each family with a warmness of heart and love of good education. The tutors hired follow suit. We are easygoing and flexible while maintaining a healthy dose of discipline in regards to how each student can not just absorb information but figure out for themselves what information is true and good and what is otherwise faulty. We give them a supportive community that allows them the chance for true progress.

There should be distinguished the act of tutoring from homeschooling. Much of what has been said applies to both. However, it is to be noted that tutoring, properly speaking, is there to aid those who already attend school and who need help on their assignments and projects. I have many tutees whose projects and homework I give aid on a few hours each week. The customization changes a tad. Rather than customizing curriculum, in homeschooling that is, I instead help the tutees complete their work with methods most apt for the situation. Whatever practices are best for the tutored students, I guide in a way that is understandable to them. I do not prefer one act over the other. Each poses individual challenges, giving me the opportunity to thrive in a variety of ways.

Working for Tutoring & Beyond allows the tutor and teacher to witness personal development among the students and feel welcome in a community that supports its members. Likewise, those who are welcomed can watch themselves grow in memorable ways. The students’ personalities truly come alive in a wonderful home space. And I look back with a bright visage and a smile on my face.

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