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Nanny's Help You Save

As you search for a perfect fit child care provider for your family, a lot goes into the decision making. From schedule fit, budget and reliability/compatibility of the provider with your family.

Nannies are such a great tool for families to have in their back pocket, especially for full-time working parents and stay-at-home moms. A Nanny is usually someone who is fully invested in a child’s development and well-being. Generally, a nanny will care for children full-time while both parents work.

Nanny’s Help You Save:

1. Time Management

When it comes to time for a working parent, splitting time from the home office and your child can be a bit overwhelming. A nanny helps your time management, so you are able to work and take breaks to hang out with your children when deemed available. Along with this, our nannies offer driving services for anything you don’t have the time to do. Driving needs such as: school drop-off and pick-up, appointments, errands and playdates.

2. Energy

Stay-at-home mamas can become super overwhelmed and find it to be super helpful to have an extra hand around the house. Nannies give you more energy to focus on whatever task around the house you need to get done versus, picking up toys, dishes, laundry and even potty training. Save your energy and just ask for help!

To find out what type of nanny will fit your needs look below:

Full-time Live-Out Nanny:

  • Works “full-time” (i.e., five days a week, usually 45 to 50 hours).

  • Focuses exclusively on child care (e.g., play, bath time, meals, activities, homework, transportation, etc.).

  • May have extensive training or education in childhood development, which makes them a valuable asset.

  • May work extra hours or use their own car to help with nanny duties (such as picking up kids from school), both of which will affect their rates.

  • Does not reside in the family’s home or perform any non-child-related cleaning or housekeeping.

Full-time Live-In Nanny:

  • Shares the same responsibilities as live-out nannies, but they reside in the family’s home.

  • Receives access to a furnished room, private bath and sometimes a cell phone and a car, in exchange for reduced care costs.

  • Maintains specific boundaries around work and non-work hours.

Nanny Housekeeper:

  • Handles the same child care duties as a live-in or live-out nanny, but also performs housekeeping duties during nap or quiet time, or while the children are at school.

Part-Time Nanny:

  • Cares for kids regularly but for shorter time periods — could be a few hours a week only Monday through Wednesday or only after school.

  • Will be more involved than a babysitter.

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