Strategies For Better Test Performance

Performance on tests are everything when proving a student’s knowledge of the subject.

However, testing is something that should not be taken lightly. Studying for a test takes dedication and hard work along with strategy.

Many students, when they enter into the test taking stage of their education, are completely taken by surprise because they don’t know where to start or how to focus their thoughts to study.

We have written up strategies for better test performance that school’s don’t talk about. These 4 tips will guide your student to a better understanding of what to expect and prepare for.

1. Understanding What Kind of Learner You Are

As we all know, not all students learn the same, just as every individual is different. We encourage students to find a way that works best for them while using the test material given to them. Have your student take our test at:

2. Taking Breaks

Understanding the amount of time you can spend studying is very important. Some of us have probably associated studying with the word” Cramming”. Taking breaks is essential for creating healthy study habits. Work for 30 minutes to an hour – and then take a 10 – 20 minute break.


3. Take Practice Tests

Making quizzes and practice tests will allow you to mentally prepare, slowly for the real deal. Most tests have a time limit, but it’s not totally necessary to time your practice tests but being aware of how long you spend per question is ideal. If you don’t know something, rather than sitting on the question, circle it and move on to the things you do know.


4. Read The Instructions

Once you begin the test, take a deep breath and look through the instructions carefully. Students will experience slight uneasiness during the real test and will panic, causing them to skip over the instructions. Taking the time to read through the instructions and questions will give you the clarity needed to take the test effectively.


These strategies are a peak into a successful route to navigating a test. With Tutoring and Beyond at your student’s side we can make a world of a difference for their academics.

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