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To Hire A Sitter

Written by: Henry Fleischacker

You’ve put your makeup on, cheeks, eyelashes, lips, and all. The edges of your bathroom mirror have mist from the hot water seeping up from the sink down below; you are wondering if the dress you have on will match your new-bought heels, and if the dinner date at the distant two-hundred dollar diner will not displease on your wedding anniversary.

The reservation was in half an hour. The last two hours have been in preparation for it, and you laugh at your husband who slapped on his suit in a matter of minutes. “Alright, I’m ready,” he notifies you. “I’m almost there,” you reply. “Sounds good”. And just as you walk out into the open space, your ears tune in to the wonderful sounds of someone small saying: “Mom, mom…” “Yes, honey?” “I can’t believe I totally forgot. There is a mandatory meeting for the volleyball team in an hour. I need you to drop me off.” A pair of eyes pierce the open air with a weary sigh. “I’m sorry, I know. I just forgot,” your child repeats. “I can’t miss it, or else I’ll not be allowed to play.” Issue now intrudes on your night. What now? you wonder. Your husband ponders too.

A situation such as the one above might find an accessible solution in the hiring of a sitter. Here are several scenarios where hiring a sitter might prove beneficial:

  • Errand Running

->Need to run a time-consuming errand but can’t bring your children with?

  • Extra Pair of Eyes

-> Busy and desire an extra pair of eyes to watch your family?

  • Date Night

-> Need someone to watch your kids while you are out?

  • Personal Time

-> Need time alone to recuperate from work?

  • Emergencies

-> Have an emergency and need on-call aid?

  • Flexibility

-> Sitters can help ease up your time and allow you to flourish the way you want.

  • Relationships

-> Sitters can help you maintain relationships that otherwise fall to the wayside.

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