Welcome to Tutoring & Beyond!

Welcome to Tutoring & Beyond. We are your child’s ultimate solution for tutoring, child care and sports training. Our team is built around family values and bringing successful, healthy lifestyles to every household.

Tutoring & Beyond started as a branch from the original Tutoring company, Paige To Page Tutoring, created by Paige Neely. She found that there was more to offer to the community than just tutoring which gave Tutoring & Beyond its name. Started July 1, 2021 by Jordan Allan and Paige Neely, they have created a multi-dimensional service for all families across the Greater Phoenix Valley along with a few surrounding states.

Our Tutoring team consists of college graduates that have extensive teaching experience for students K-12 in all subjects. Our tutors are available: In-Home, Online or out of Our Home Office. Along with K-12 we assist students with College Essays & Applications as well as Academic & Career Advising.


Our Child Care staff are young professional females who have years of experience looking after children aging from infants, toddlers to young children and early teens. Our team encourages to play outside, explore new activities, healthy eating and good habits of growing up. Our staff is capable of picking up your children from school or activities, making meals, light cleaning and much more.


Our Sport Coaches are fun-filled and excited to work with your child in developing their skills in their sport of choice or strength and conditioning. Every coach has over 5 years of sports experience along with 1+ years of personal training or coaching. We offer Sports Coaching In-Home, at Local Parks, or at of Our Gym.


We look forward to getting to know your family and helping your child grow.

Please feel free to contact us at TutoringandBeyondLLC@gmail.com or give us a call (817) 522-2248 if you’d like to book with us or have any further questions our services.

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