What Makes Tutoring & Beyond Different

When looking for a safe place for your child to grow as an individual and as a student, parents search far and wide to find the right solution. From tutoring facilities, day-cares, sports, extra curricular activities, it's important to look into all of the details before dropping money and your child off to these organizations.

At Tutoring and Beyond, we have built a service built on family values that caters to both academics and child care. In order to create a balanced and trustworthy connection with you, we supply you with team members who are qualified for whatever area of expertise your family is seeking.

What Makes Us Different:

1. Family Owned

We built our business based on our clients needs and supplied them with the necessary resources they needed. From personalized tutoring sessions to filling in to help your kiddo get ready for homecoming, we do it all. We care about being apart of your family and respecting the values you uphold.

2. Flexible and Affordable

Tutoring and Beyond is ran by two parents and we understand how busy parenting can be. We pride ourselves on the flexibility that our tutors and child care staff can provide for you in order to fit your lifestyle accordingly. Along with this, we are an affordable service and will accommodate families to give them the premium service they deserve. We offer discounts and referral credits!

3. Services Nationwide

You read that right, we provide our Prek-12 grade tutoring services nationwide. As we are slowly starting to recruit and expand our tutoring staff in new states every chance we get. We hope to give every household the opportunity to grow organically through their academics and gain the confidence with Tutoring and Beyond at their side.

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