Our Tutors

David Hacker


Math & Science ~ 6th -12th

Phoenix, AZ

Hello! My name is David Hacker. I have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Arizona State University. After graduating in 2018, I taught chemistry and physics at the high school level for just over 3 years. I first fell in love with teaching through tutoring for friends and family in my high school and college years. Seeing the light on a student’s face as they grow in their knowledge and understanding is what I strive for. I would love to help your child find this knowledge and understanding as well as curiosity and love for the beautiful world of math and science!

Kelsee Johnson


All Subjects ~ K-8th

Paradise Valley, AZ

Kelsee is a recent graduate from Azusa Pacific University in California, with a bachelors in psychology and a minor in leadership. She has over ten years of experience working with children. She has worked as a babysitter, nanny, Sunday School teacher, tutor, and elementary program intern. She has a passion for developing the holistic identity of those she works with. She practices this by not only focusing on academics, but on the overall development of the individual. Kelsee utilizes positive reinforcement and achievable challenges to grow her students in all areas.

Justine Villarin


Special Education ~ K-8th

Phoenix, AZ

Hello, my name is Justine! I am a Special Education Teacher for K-4th Grade & have been teaching for 8 years. I earned a Master's degree in Early Childhood Special Education as well as a certification in teaching in Early Childhood Education. As a teacher, I work with students with Autism, ADHD, Emotional, Mild Intellectual,  & Specific Learning Disabilities, Developmental Delays, & other health impairments. I believe early intervention is one of the best approaches to filling in student learning gaps. I also enjoy helping students write papers. My master's degree & post-certifications were taught by my best teachers; they've helped me create successful strategies when writing papers of my own! As a part of Tutoring & Beyond, I can't wait to be a partner in your success. :)

Beth Walsh


All Subjects ~ K-12th

Scottsdale, AZ

Hello! I’m Beth Walsh. I’ve been in the education field my entire life and thoroughly enjoy working with students of all ages. I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Resource Development and have taught students of all ages from pre-k at an outdoor education school to environmental studies, social biology and earth science at Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo Valley Community College. When my family and I relocated to Colorado I began tutoring and working with special needs students, both of which I found to be extremely rewarding. I am a new transplant to Arizona and am currently a reading interventionist at an elementary school in Scottsdale. I am excited to use all my years of experience to help students build confidence and achieve their goals.

Julie Garabet


All Subjects ~ K-8th

Phoenix, AZ

Hello! I am Julie Garabet. I have always had a passion for teaching & being able to make sure everyone is on the right path! I love having the ability to help students & peers understand more clearly the subject they're struggling with, it's my passion. Seeing their faces light up after "connecting the dots" & being able see their best come out is the most rewarding thing. As a current Senior in High School, I have an inside look at the little things that students may struggle with & the types of approaches to assist them in turning things around. As a tutor, I strive to ensure my students are being challenged while having fun along the way. :)

Anusha William


Organization & ELA ~ K-12th

Porur, Chennai, India

Hi! I'm Anusha William. I've completed several varied academic studies to widen my scope, including TEFL/TESOL from the Asian College of Teachers & CELTA from the British Council. I've worked in various educational institutions across India & the United Kingdom as Communications Trainer, Language & Development Assistant, & Content Creator for learners’ groups ranging from 7 years to 65 years. I have 5 years of experience, utilizing my interpersonal skills for learning & development within the academic & corporate world. I have also been associated with various Ed Tech platforms ( Mastree, Campk12, The Queen’s English) for over 4 years teaching Communication Skills and Public Speaking to children and young adults. I've been involved in various research experiments & am also a Mandala Artist. My greatest joy is creating art forms that inspire others to reconnect with their inner peace through my perception & explore their creativity, self-awareness, & well-being.

Debbie Chang


All Subjects ~ K-12th

Phoenix, AZ

Debbie graduated from ASU with a Bachelors in Molecular Biotechnology and a Sustainability Minor. She volunteered as a reading/writing and science tutor for a number of K-12 students over the past five years. Debbie finds importance that students learn key concepts/skills while still thinking critically and gaining confidence in their own abilities. Her experience in helping young students develop their learning habits and thought processes, provides effective and comfortable tutoring for more children in subjects ranging from English to math to science.

Erin Olitzky


All Subjects ~ K-8th

Phoenix, AZ

Hi! My name is Erin and I have been a fourth and fifth grade teacher for the last seven years! The last three years, I was teaching fourth and fifth grade ELA in Chicago before deciding it was time to come back to sunny Arizona. I have a Master’s degree in elementary education from ASU. In addition to teaching fourth and fifth grade ELA, I have also taught reading, math, science and social studies to all students of all ages. I even taught English as a second language to middle schoolers in Thailand in 2018. I have experience teaching to kids of all ages and abilities. I work diligently to ensure that I am meeting the individual needs of all my students! I am looking forward to helping scholars of all ages and abilities meet their academic goals with Tutoring & Beyond!